Digital Card Technology

Integrated IT Support

from corporate mail to BigData-class systems and systems relied on Blockchain technology

Basic IT Services

For the SME segment, we offer a low-cost basic set of services virtually investment-free. You only pay for the resources used over a reporting period owing to cloud technology and special software-licensing models.

Tailored Solutions

Where you have one-of-a-kind business processes and none of the information systems in existence is up to scratch as far as your automation needs are concerned, we are willing to review your processes and come up with an adequate IT system meeting your automation and financial saving goals.

Full IT Support

We are prepared to take over your IT support in any degree you desire – from supporting your office to developing systems. You won’t have to bear the expenses of recruiting IT staff of your own, enter into many agreements to purchase hardware and software or IT support from a number of companies. We maintain the utmost transparency of everything we do for you.

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, to know how to optimally arrange and marshal data seems to be one of the most rewarding ways to stand out from the competition.

Optimization of IT Services

Our team is highly skilled in conducting audits of customer’s information systems and business processes. Following the findings of the audit, we consult on possible optimization options and debottlenecking with respect to the information systems and IT services under survey. At the customer’s option, we can also come up with a cost-optimization offering which involves alternative licensing models, cloud services, and also takes account of a relevant market value of the standard services.

System performance ramped up to
Costs optimized up to