Digital Card Technology

Frontal showcase of retail trade

information system from modules and applications

Online store site

Gatherer application

Enclosure Application

Courier Application

Logistics module

Web-based interface of the outlet manager

Web-interface of the operator of the Hot line

Web-interface of the content manager

The front storefront of retail trade is an information system that consists of the following modules and applications: the online store site, the Collector application, the Collector application, the Courier application, the web-interface of the Sales point manager, the web interface of the Hotline operator, the web interface of the content- manager.

The purpose of the information system is to provide a tool (mechanism) for displaying, forming, transferring, storing and changing order information, assembly functionality, bundling and delivery of goods.

Gatherer application


The Gatherer application allows you to optimize the process of assembling goods. We collect not orders, but optimized by location in the trading floor lists of goods from several orders at once, which significantly reduces the time of finding a company employee in the trading floor. The assembler application allows not only to distribute lists of goods from different orders to "assemblies", but also to assign these "assemblies" to a specific collector. To eliminate the human factor, our collectors use barcode scanners, which makes it possible to ensure that the goods placed by the collector in the basket are exactly the one ordered by the client.

In today's world, one of the most reliable ways to distinguish your company from competitors, to break away from the crowd of pursuers is to organize information work well.

Enclosure Application

The Picker application allows you to optimize the process of picking up customer orders. Our information system on the basis of data received on the basis of the results of the assembly of goods, assigns a bundle of the sales order to the free for acquisition. To exclude human errors, Settlers use barcode scanners, and the information system tells them when scanning each product, to which cell (ie to which order) it is necessary to add this product. Completion of the completion of orders is also controlled by our IS. Upon completion of picking, orders are transferred to the Delivery.

Courier Application

The Courier application allows not only to optimally distribute orders for delivery by machines in relation to the capacity of the machines and the delivery interval, but also offers the best route for each machine, taking into account traffic jams. Also, the Courier application allows you to adjust customer orders in cases where the customer wishes to refuse part of the commodity items or from the order as a whole, accept payment for the customer and transfer the necessary order data to the POS printer for printing fiscal checks.


Make business convenient

Web-interface of the outlet manager

The web-interface of the store manager is essentially an administrative and management tool that allows not only opening / closing employee changes, but also controlling all processes related to the work of the outlet and its personnel (including the design and printing of all necessary documents and forms, transfer / obtaining information in / from the accounting system of the trading company (1C)).


The system provides the following functions

When working with the Order

When working with the Client

Registration (creation) of the Order on the site (in the context of the Client, Address and time of delivery, Nomenclature and Trade point)

Application of shares (loyalty program), application (calculation) of an individual (accumulated) discount (loyalty program)

The choice of the method of payment, the payment for the purchase by the Client (cash / non-cash settlement), fixation of payment for the purchase by the Trading Company

Storage of data on early orders (in the context of the Client, Address and time of delivery, Nomenclature and Trade point)

Establishment, editing and storage of data about customers

Confirmation of Customer Satisfaction

SMS notification of order status

Distribution of information materials (promotions and other)

Attaching the "cited" - Client to the "Parent" customer (loyalty program)

Ensuring control

Opportunities for Delivery

Control of the assembly of the Order (notification of the manager in case of absence of goods on the "shelf")

Order Picking Control

Editing the Order (in the context of the Client, Address and time of delivery, Nomenclature)

Planning delivery of the Order, creating a routing sheet

Creation and printing of accompanying documents

Control of delivery of the Order

Confirmation of delivery of the Customer Order and Satisfaction

+ Advanced

Receipt and storage of commodity balances (in the context of the Nomenclature and the Trade Point)

Closing of the shift, posting of funds and accounting documents from the courier

Transfer of data (about purchases, sales, write-offs of goods, transfers, work of vehicles, accounting of employees' working hours) to the accounting system of the Trading Company (1С)

Data transfer (about IT service availability violations) to the SD system of the Trading Company

Data transfer (about Clients, Orders) to the CRM system of the Trading company

Storage and processing of data on the unused Nomenclature ("return warehouse")

Establishment, editing and storage of data on the work schedule of employees (collectors, pickers, drivers, managers) - plan / fact