Digital Card Technology


Terminal Management System

Our team has a vast hands-on experience in the automation of IT projects and putting in place smooth service and maintenance operations for Petroleum Retail:

  • deployment of a Data Processing Centre to process fuel and loyalty cards;
  • maintenance and management of terminal estate on the basis of the TMS solution designed to control your terminal estate remotedly;
  • introduction of all required fault- and disaster-tolerant features.

IT Outsourcing

We can take the weight of running your IT systems off your shoulders, either completely or partially. You will assign a required SLA level for each of the outsourced systems from the predefined metrics we will be governed by to:

  • maintain the server infrastructure;
  • provide user support services,
  • ensure trouble-free operation of directory service, email, etc.,
  • provide SaaS-class services to keep to the minimal basic cost.

1C Platform

We can provide a wide spectrum of IT services for business process automation purposes which allows you to better respond to the ever-changing customer requests:

  • handle your tasks in a single integrated framework and be able to momentarily access current data on the company’s operations;
  • ensure educated and viable management decisions and a well-thought-out strategy for the company going forward.


Work has begun on a pre-project overview of business processes for an international chain of cafes and the development of a technical task to create an information system.


Work has begun on pre-project verification and the development of technical specifications for the implementation of a CRM system for a large call-center specializing in the promotion of beauty industry products..


Started work on the development of the loyalty system functionality for the company "Ф-Лоялти"


Our employees have decades of experience of managing relationships with large organizations, and have successfully delivered many projects aimed at creating interfaces to legacy systems and third-party software products. We also have experience in developing large-scale multiuser automation systems, and implementing mobile solutions.

The company’s staff provides a range of services with respect to building and setting up any processes incorporated into a management system to handle issues, access, vulnerabilities, operational risks. Automated management systems allow for businesses to set up and run their operations in line with all quality requirements specified today for industrial process control across different industries.

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