Digital Card Technology

Information Security Services

Secure Business Processes

Information security related processes usually take a back seat to the main line of business which they are intended to serve. However, given today’s degree of IT penetration they often become the stumbling block and bottleneck for core business processes to run smoothly. That is why it is important that information security management processes should seamlessly fit into company’s overall strategy and focus on solving business processes.

Fraud Management

Fraud prevention means to put in place a solution instrumental in stemming security risks while also improving the level of protection against security threats to company’s IT resources. A powerful counteraction system safeguards against fraudulent activity both from the outside and from within, and includes fraud risk analysis, introduction of automation tools to detect fraud in an IT system, development of preventive infrastructure-side features, and deployment of a fraud issues management process.

IT System Security

Business application security is attained by way of conducting regular safety walks through an IT system, auditing an application code for security vulnerabilities and loopholes, and testing the application security level. A holistic approach to business application security offers advanced capabilities to discover and crack down on attacks targeting applications, allowing a company to proactively manage security risks: IT system security audit, application code audit, application security level tests.