Digital Card Technology

Customer Loyalty Program Management System

System Features

Support of various methods and ways of customer enrollment and seeding customer data into a centralized database, flexible tools for arranging data based on customers’ behavior patterns.
Ability to tailor a customer loyalty model based on volume, discount, referral and other criteria driven by the goals of your marketing campaign.

Virtual Card

Present-day requirements for customer loyalty programs must include efficient marketing-management tools. These tools are instrumental in managing sales, communications, incentives and in feeding necessary data for BI purposes. In the busy world of today, with everybody carrying their mobile phone with them all the time, it is only natural for businesses to use it as a loyalty management platform to communicate with their customer.

Business Intelligence

Broad reporting options by transaction, tools for analysis of sales and loyalty performance, detection of fraud and malpractice by the personnel

Multiple communication channels with customers

Loyalty card is always there, right in the customer’s mobile phone

Use of a system of accounts

Targeted offers and promotions

Referral-based motivation

Multi-tier retention model using analysis matrices

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In the contemporary world of commerce, retention and repeat sales are the primary growth driver.
Trying to pursue this objective, most companies integrate customer loyalty programs.
Our solution helps build and nurture customer relationships, improve their loyalty and solicit new customers.
We offer the solutions which are operable 24\7 without maintenance breaks.