Digital Card Technology


Remote Terminal Management System

Quicker Time-To-Market

not least because of possessing accurate information on the performance of terminal devices and maintenance routines

Faster Introduction

of new terminal product lines, reduced time to integrate new device data

Prompt Fault Management

across a terminal network which results in a timely maintenance schedule, less downtime and an enhanced SLA level. This consequentially allows to tackle line busting and improve customer experience in a retail space

Reliable Statistics Data at the Ready

on the operation of the equipment and the ability to draw on this information for better decision-making

Labour and Cost Saving

on POS terminal network administration. Minimization of equipment, integration, support and maintenance costs thanks to the system providing the ability to bring together all the variety of POS equipment

Unified Processes

at use across all participants to manage terminal equipment

Key Functions:

  • - Remote deployment of new software products across distributed terminal networks (retail, production and other networks);
  • - Remote update of core software components of terminal networks – operating systems and their elements, EMV Kernel;
  • - Remote update of separate applications;
  • - Remote control of the performance of terminal networks;
    - Support of user hierarchy and user control;
  • - Acquisition of data and reporting on the installed base;
    - Hardware inventory;
  • - All system activity fully logged at all levels;
  • - Remote loading of encryption keys.

By now, the TMS already supports 6 manufacturers and as many as 18 models of pin pads and POS terminals

System Implementation


TMS Implementation Time

is conditional upon the scope of the system functionality requested by the customer


Implementation Options

may include both a full-version format and narrower configurations


Feature Enhancement

may come as additional system modules, depending on customer’s needs

As part of our support services, we also offer the use of the TMS system as a cloud service


Analysis of monitoring data and prompt customer warning, if required

Estate Database Management

for Customer infrastructure facilities maintained by the TMS

Scheduled Update

receipt and handling of customer requests to update device software and configurations

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